This website is dedicated toward understanding the principles of global climate change, ranging from theoretical considerations involving radiative transfer in the atmosphere, to observations of present and past climates which help provide insight into the inner workings of the climate system.

About me: Here is my web page describing me and my interests.

On this blog and conduct: My own perspective is that I should only talk in an authoritative fashion on topics of which I have confidence in speaking about. I encourage people to disagree with me (and others) or to “check for themselves” but most of what is on this blog is not “new”, but intended to summarize what can already be found in harder-to-access resources or to put technical subjects in a readable format. It is my wish for this site to be educational rather than me just sharing my random thoughts for the day.

Moderation will be limited here, so most comments should get by without difficulty. I do have a good deal of readership here so I will request that foul language and personal attacks be kept to a minimum (or zero), otherwise they will be deleted. Furthermore, while I respect dissenting opinions, science is not a preference-based democratic system where any wingnut view should be received equally. There is always plenty of room for intelligent disagreement and I encourage this. However if you want to argue that the Earth is flat, or that climate scientists are engaged in a universal conspiracy to suppress the truth, then please do it elsewhere. Such comments will be allowed, but if absurd remarks which have no backing by scientific work continue to flow, especially when corrected numerous times, then I will likely get stricter with moderation.

Otherwise, most rules of good conduct and respectful disagreement I feel are self-evident. Enjoy.

Contact Me: If you need to reach me, do so at
colose21 at gmail dot com


3 responses to “About

  1. Hello Chris,

    Having come across your site a few times while writing some of my articles, I added your wordpress blog to my front page some months ago. I was hoping you might return the favor by adding warmdebate.com to your blog roll, preferably under the name “global warming debate”.

    Jason Sale

  2. hi!i was researching about it.but you told me

  3. Having recently retired and somewhat at a loose end, I have been researching information about global warming and came across your excellent web site.

    My background is in physics, specialising in turbulence and boundary effects in complex dynamic systems, and I’m finding that entering the world of climate science is proving to be rather a challenging process!

    Thanks for providing some very good summary information and I’ll be digging through your ‘brain-dump’ over the coming weeks.

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