As readers are aware, this blog has been inactive for some time, so I figure I should formally put it into retirement.  I will not be posting here anymore, but will leave up my old posts, and may check back to moderate comments once in a great while.

I am continuing to blog.  You can check out the Times Union Weather and Climate blog, where I will continue to talk about some general climate issues, although at a laymen´s level. I hope to see lots of commenters, and we´re free in the comment section to discuss more technical details on a certain subject. I am one of several contributors to this blog, although most others will be discussing weather issues.

I also periodically guest post for SkepticalScience.


2 responses to “Retirement

  1. Chris ,
    I can understand your running out of time for actively maintaining your own blog .

    Just as a personal aside , seeing on TU that you just finished at Madison , I smashed my leg falling from Birch Tree Crack , having put in crap protection but getting impatient , at Devil’s Lake in 1972 around the time I started hanging with the Math Department & other tekys during my years in grad school at Northwestern .

    Were I at the beginning of a career such as yours now , I would strongly recommend taking some solid physics courses outside your own department . My niece just graduated from Boulder in physics and applied math , and I inherited a copy of Griffith’s “Introduction to Electrodynamics” which her dog had chewed up . It was my bathroom reading last year . The application of the methods of physical analysis and mathematical rigor is on a totally different level than anything I have ever seen in “climate science” . I would also recommend studying Chandreasekar’s work , again , tho I have only read a few pages of his work , it is “pay grades” above anything I have ever seen from the alarmist “climate science” community .

    Don’t get caught in today’s politically correct fads . Seek the truth ; it’s the everlasting eigenfunction .

  2. Bummer! If you ever want to post something on Azimuth, just let me know.

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