Mathematics and Climate

Every year in April, there is a Mathematics Awareness Month with the goal to increase public understanding and appreciation for mathematics. This year, the theme for the event is Mathematics and Climate.

4 responses to “Mathematics and Climate

  1. Chris:Don’t want to be a pain but, you said there were books I could read or articles on the net, that someone with my lack of maths could understand. Your past post on denialism and article on Global warming were excellent.
    That one paragraph you wrote on the necessary physics and blanketing effect
    of the long IR on Earth was a revelation.I post that with your name often.Hope that is OK.Thanks again,Kipp

    Response– Depends on what you’re interested in. Radiation, Ice, Past Climates,…? I think the IPCC or documents from or the National Academies are best; they generally require some background knowledge but not too difficult on the math.

    You’d be better off getting a general understanding of the greenhouse effect through some lower-level textbooks instead of consistently quoting a pretty dodgy analogy. It works for beginner-level intuition purposes, but the greenhouse effect is not at all like a blanket.– chris

  2. Chris:I know you have a bunch of GHG’s bouncing around together,reacting to each other from the IR.There is nothing that describes what it looks like up there.I still don’t understand how GHG’s absorb the IR.I would think that they actually react to it,and water vapour absorbs it.I could pay you to answer a couple of questions, or take your potrait for you first book,”Why I hate amatuer Scientists”.

  3. Chris:High school,Physics,geophysics,climatology,meteorology.hydrology,Geological History of the earth.Chemistry-elemental,understand the nature of molecules,(behavior)of different gases.These are high school texts I would buy from amazon,cheap.ANY others?
    I must start at the beginning,to begin.I think that your presentation of the History Of Global Warming,was better from your familiarity with every little detail.You spoke and taught.You are a creative like me only you have your gift,gods gift, in Science.Please tell me what you think of my new direction,and are there other books I should look at.I’d like you to see my new site and my bio.I’ll take your portrait for your first of many books.I know talent when I see it, just ask my french wife.KIPP

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